Portage Service

Portage is a home-visiting educational service for pre-school children who have additional needs and their families. The aim of this service is to support families and help children develop new skills or tolerate unfamiliar experiences.

Although the Portage service is staffed and funded by Stockton Borough Council, the Charity supports the service by fundraising for goods and services not available through statutory means, as we do the nursery.

What is Portage?

The Portage Service is part of the Engagement and Learning Team and provides input for children aged 0-4 years who have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Portage is a step-by-step teaching approach which is used as part of a home visiting service. The Portage Home Visitors provide support and advice to enable parents to help their children to engage in play-based activities and to make progress.

How is Portage delivered?

If children receiving Portage attend a setting, then Portage staff will work with the setting, providing advice and guidance on how to best meet individual children’s needs.

Families receiving Portage can also meet together at Portage family groups or receive support to access community/leisure activities.

The charity provides plenty of specialist resources to the Portage team, as well as funding the Portage outings and events.

Friends Of Early Support

Portage from a Parent’s Perspective

Beckie is a passionate advocate and champion of the Portage model. Together with her son, Oscar, she received Portage in both Liverpool and Stockton-on-Tees and her experience has been life-changing.

“Me and Oscar have gained so much from Portage. Before attending, my little boy would not give any eye contact and was struggling to communicate in any way.

“Through attending Portage sessions, I have learned a lot of techniques to play and communicate with Oscar. He has come on leaps and bounds; much more than I could have imagined a matter of months ago. He now willingly gives eye contact and knows ways to non-verbally communicate almost all of his needs.

“This has changed our lives in so many ways; his meltdowns have vanished, as he is no longer constantly frustrated. The Portage experience has taught me so much and has given me the knowledge and confidence to work and play with my little boy. I love Portage and the results are truly amazing!”

Friends Of Early Support
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