Our charity, the Friends of Early Support, was introduced alongside the long-established charity, The Children’s Centre Support Group, to provide precious opportunities for those who need them most.

Since the charity has been established, it has raised more than £200,000, which has helped fund incredible projects and amazing facilities that make a real difference to the lives of our children. Some key examples from recent years include a multi-sensory room, a sensory garden, a soft play area, specialist computer equipment and fun outings for the children.

As a charity dedicated wholly to the nursery, we do not employ paid staff – we are lucky to have a team compiled of loyal and hard-working trustees and volunteers. Whether they are parents or professionals, every team member shares the same passion and gives their all to the charity.

We work best in a fun, productive environment, and not a day goes by where we don’t encourage ideas to be shared – after all, every idea has the potential to be a really great one. On the whole, our team is one in a million and we are eternally grateful for the generosity of everyone involved with our charity.

Friends Of Early Support

Our Nursery

The Early Support Nursery is based in the High Flyers Children’s Centre on Tedder Avenue in Thornaby, and it has consistently received an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted. In summary, the service they run is so much more than just a nursery. It’s an opportunity for children to have the most structured and wholesome start to their life.

The specialist centre focuses on children up to the age of five who have a special educational requirement. Over the years, it has played a key part in the development of many local children in various unique ways.

The staff take great pride in the nursery and are constantly working hard to ensure it is of the highest standard for those who use it. Much of the charity budget is spent investing in specialist toys, iPads, games and regular maintenance to ensure the children are always in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

The dedicated team go over and above what is expected of them, and that is reflected in the children. On the whole, there’s no better place for children with additional needs to spend their early years.

Our Multi-Sensory Room, Soft Play and Sensory Garden

There are three areas in our nursery that the children particularly love: our multi-sensory room, our soft play area and our sensory garden. They each offer a pleasant environment that is therapeutic to those who benefit from engaging their senses, which is extremely helpful to our children.

The sensory stimulation in each of these areas can be controlled, presented in isolation or combination, packaged for active or passive interaction and matched to fit the perceived motivation, interests, leisure, relaxation and educational needs of the child using it. This flexibility is fantastic, which is ideal for the nursery as we offer support to children with such a range of needs.

There are many benefits to having a dedicated sensory area, as well as soft play, one being the enhancement of learning. Anything that inspires the brain can help the progress of our children, and we appreciate that any advancement is an achievement. We love our sensory areas and we’ll aspire to provide more and more amazing facilities like them in the future.

Friends Of Early Support
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